Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso – Italian World Latin Dance Champions

Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Mazo at World Latin Dance Cup 2013

(Photo of Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso@WLDC 2013, YouTube)

Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso (Italy) were finalists at the 2014 World Latin Dance Cup in Salsa On 2. They started dancing together in 2007, after three months they won their first competition. In 2008, they went on to win the European Championships at the World Cup of Latin in Lyon and World Championships in Merengue. From 2009 through 2011, in Liberec, Czech Republic, they won the title of World Champions at the International Dance Organization (IDO).

(Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso, Italy, WLDC 2014 Salsa)

Simone & Serena have traveled to Latin dance competitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Cartegena, Berlin, Amersterdam, Benidorm, London, Madrid, Zurich, Marseille and Milan. They have been finalists in numerous World Latin Dance Cup competitions in places like Puerto Rico and Miami (2014).

(Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso, Bachata Cabaret, WLDC 2014)


(Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso, New Zealand Salsa Congress 2014)

(Simone & Serena, Bachata at World Latin Dance Cup 2013)

World Latin Dance Cup 2014

The World Latin Dance Cup (WLDC), which was formerly called the World Salsa Championships, is the official name since 2010. This annual world Latin dance competition includes divisions for: Salsa On 2, Salsa On 1, Cabaret, Groups and Rueda de Casino (a variation of Cuban style) yearly.  

(Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso, Cha Cha Cha 2013 WLDC  in Miami)

Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso Italian Latin dance champions

(Photo of Simone Sanfilippo & Serena Maso from their Facebook page)


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