Salsa dancers Dimitri & Stella

(Photo of Dimitri & Stella Salsa@ IIDF, YouTube)

Hustle, Salsa & Bachata Congresses

Bachata, hustle & salsa congresses and competitions have become very popular in the last decade in many countries all over the world. Some of the Latin dance congresses and competitions feature several dance genres like salsa & bachata together or sometimes hustle, salsa and bachata are offered in the same event. One of the best known world Latin competition is the World Latin Dance Cup.

There are some events that include West Coast swing, cha cha and merengue. In recent  years, even some ballroom rhythm style dance genres are included at some of the global dance congresses and competitions.

Salsa Dance Performances

International Istanbul Dance Festival, Salsa Show 2014

(Dimitri & Stella’s Salsa@ International Istanbul Dance Festival, 2014)

Comadreja Salsa Congress in Cordoba, Argentina, 2014

Yeifren Mata & Stephani Roman, 1st Place Salsa@Comadreja Salsa Congress

Karen & Richard @ International Instanbul Festival 2014)

Bachata is included in all the world salsa championship competitions and congresses. Often couples or teams do a combination of slower and faster tempos and some solo dancing in their bachata dance routines. Many of the Latin dancers that compete in salsa dance competitions, also compete in Bachata.

National Champions Bachata Group – Chile 2012

International Hustle Salsa Congress (IHSC) is one of the events sanctioned by the International Hustle Dance Association (IHDA).

Shay & Michelle Dixon 2009 1st Place IHSC World Open Hustle Championships

The Hustle Dance History

(excerpt from the IDHA website)

In early 1973, at a discotheque called “The Grand Ballroom” a new “touch dance”, without a name, was being exhibited by woman. It was a simple 6-count step with a very basic form, including inside and outside single turns. This was the birth of what would later be called Hustle. The young men of the club took notice, and became interested in this new “touch dance” since it was a return to romance and quite simply, a way to meet women” … read the rest of the article at IHDA.

International Hustle Dance Association (IHDA)

(Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlowe Cabaret@ ISBC 2013)

International Hustle Dance Association (IHDA) is an International organization that provides training materials, criteria, certifications for Hustle dancing worldwide. The IDHA Bronze Manual is accepted by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). The manual was written for the IDHA by Billy Fajardo, Jami Josephson and DVIDA.

IDHA sanctioned dance events for 2015

International Hustle & Salsa Congress, dance competition with event directors Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow. It is held will be held in Deaufille Beach Resort , Miami, Florida, April 30-May 3, 2015. The event will feature three dedicated ballrooms, competitions in salsa, hustle , West Coast swing and Ballroom, Jack & Jills, dinner dancing, and Pro/Am dance competitions.

Billy Farjardo & Katie Marlow International Hustle Dance Association

(Photo of Tony Fajardo & Katie Marlow cabaret@ISBC 2013, YouTube)

Disco America Dance Championship Weekend June 12-14, 2015. The Disco America Dance Championship is held at The Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, Essington, Philadelphia with event directors are Donna Boyle and Joyce Szili.

Canada Salsa Congress is October 8 -12, 2015. The Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress is held in Toronto, Ontario. This event features competitions in hustle, salsa, bachata, cha cha and West Coast swing with divisions: showcase, heated divisions, Pro/Am, Am/Am, Silver division, etc. Workshops in Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2, Bachata, Latin Hustle and Kizomba.  Three rooms of dedicated dancing include a salsa, cha cha room, bachata, kizomba room and a hustle, top 30 and West Coast swing room. The venue is the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto.

National Champion Bachata Group Chile 2012

(Photo from National Champion Bachata Group, Chile, 2012 on YouTube

Tampa Bay Classic Dance Championships, September 17-20, 2015. The Tampa Bay Classic Dance Championships will be held at the Hilton Downtown Tampa Hotel in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa Bay Classic staff includes Robert & Nicola Royston, Gary McIntrye & Susan Kirklin, Ben Hooten & Taletha Jouzdani, Diego Borges & Jessica Pacheco, Ben McHenry & Cameo Cross and many other well known swing, hustle and Latin competitors, read more info at Tampa Bay Classic.

IDHA Italia

The IDHA Italia is a sister affiliate directed by Graziano Boggiani & Daniela Trucco featuring American Latin Hustle, read more at IHDA Italia page

(Photo of Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcano@International Istanbul Dance Festival, 2014)


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