Didem Kinali, a Turkish belly dancers, performs in China, Turkey and France. In this video blog, we have selected some of her best belly dance performance video clips. Didem Kinali is recognized internationally as a belly dancer and singer. In addition, her career was boosted after appearing on a Turkish television show.  She was born 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey and is proud to be a Roma (gypsy). Moreover, Didem grew up in the less privileged neighborhoods of Istanbul, Turkey. Moreover, this is where her family earned a living playing music. Also, her father was a drummer and her mother was a singer.

Turkish Belly Dancer Didem Kinali

(Kinali @ Belly Dance Conference closing gala, China 2013)

Didem began dancing in the outskirts of Turkey. Eventually, she began performing in Istanbul at Sultana’s. Fortunately, this club catered to an international audience.

(Kinali @ Sultana’s Dinner and 1001 Nights Show, 2015

Didem appeared on television a few times in those early years. Also, she appeared on a live television variety show called the Ibo Show.  Consequently, this appearance launched her career as a belly dancer. Additionally, her reputation grew to audiences world wide with the burgeoning internet and YouTube.

(@ Belly Dance Conference in China 2013, opening gala)

Kinali became the topic of many belly dance forums in Turkey and Germany. Consequently, her fame continued to grow. Nowadays, she performs across the globe in many different countries.

(@ Widad Fashion, Beauty & Belly Dance, France, 2014)


Turkish belly dancer Didem Kinali dances in China, Turkey and France
(Didem Kinali@Belly Dance Conference, China, 2013, YouTube)

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