Zumba, Flamenco,  Solo Salsa & Belly Dance are some of the solo category of dancing. Essentially, these are the dance styles or genres where a dancer performs or dances by themselves. Some of these dancers can perform with a partner or even a group like zumba or salsa.

zumba flamenco salsa solo belly dance performance

Sensual Solo Dance Genres

The solo or group dance genres (versus partner dancing) have always been very popular in many cultures.  Seemingly, almost every culture has a sensual, rhythmic dance genres that are done either solo or in a group. Some of the solo dance genres include traditional Irish (River dance), hip hop, ballet, jazz, tribal fusion and break dance. Meanwhile, the solo or group dance genres we chose for this video blog are:

Zumba, Flamenco,  Solo SalsaBelly Dance

Zumba Dance

“Crazy Love” by Mara featuring Beto Perez’s Zumba Routine

Zumba dance originated in the 1990’s by Alberto “Beto” Perez as a dance fitness  program called Zumba Fitness, LLC,  trademark. It incorporates dance and fitness movements including hip hop, salsa, merengue, samba and mambo. In addition, it has been very popular in fitness centers and dance studios for exercise programs in the last decade. Instructors require certifications from the national organization. There are different programs depending on age, fitness and style of dance like Zumba Gold, Zumba Step or Zumba Toning. The Zumba Fitness corporation also created videos, music and a clothing line for Zumba, read  more about Zumba here!

Flamenco Dance

Celina Zambon performs a flamenco dance

Flamenco is a type of Spanish folk music, as well as, a dance from southern Spain, which generally includes a guitar, handclaps, singing and dancing. Also, it has been around for several hundred years and is thought to have originated with the Spanish Romani. Historically, the flamenco dance uses beautiful arm and hand movements and the stamping of the feet and sometimes includes the use of castanets, shawls and fans, read more about Flamenco at Wikipedia

Performance Belly Dancing

Nataly Hay performs to “Serena’s Step” By Hossam Ramzy

Belly dance is the Western name for  a solo Middle Eastern dance genre with emphasis on the torso and hip movements. Still, in this dance genre the whole body is used. Belly dancing is a folk dance, as well as, a performance art dance genre. Also, to best accent the body movements, flowing, transparent costumes are worn. The American Tribal Style Belly Dance was created in the United States in 1987. Currently, American style belly dancer incorporates flamenco and hip hop along with other dance genres. In addition, belly dancing is thought to have many health benefits keeping the body agile and strengthening various parts of the body. In pop culture, belly dancing was popularized by the popular Colombian singer, Shakira, when she incorporated some belly dance movements in her music dance videos.

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Solo Salsa

Alien Ramirez, 5th Annual L.A.’s Top Female Solo Salsa Competition

Salsa Solo is salsa dancing without a partner. Also, it often includes complex footwork and body movements and incorporates movements from other dance genres including mambo, samba, bachata and hip hop. Occasionally, when dancing salsa with a partner, the partners will split temporarily and do solo salsa shines, which are flashy salsa moves apart from ones partner. Read more about the Salsa dance here! Watch & read more about the Salsa Dance here!

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