One of the all time best performances in International Latin was a rumba dance with Stephano DiFilippo & Anna Melnikova to the song Imagine.

International Rumba Dance Stephano Di Filippo Anna Melnikova

(Stefano Di Filippo & Anna Melnikova “Imagine” Show, YouTube)

Stephano Di Filippo & Anna Melnikova started dancing together as amateur dancers in 2006. Before this time, there partners were, respectively, Annalisa Di Filippo and Kevin Clifton. Subsequently, their partnership ended in about 2009.

Anna Melnikova Duknauskas’s current partner is her husband, Justinas Duknauskas (from Lithuania). In addition, they represent Lithuania in World Latin Dancesport competitions across the globe. Also, Stephano Di Filippo’s current partner is Daria Chesnokova, originally from the Ukraine. And they started dancing in 2012 and represent the U.S.A.

Rumba Dance

The Rumba is a Latin partner dance style (genre). Moreover, it is a sensual slow Latin dance that uses a swaying hip movement. Hence, the music and rhythms are a mixture of Afro-Cuban musical influences from the early Spanish colonizers and African slaves brought to the Americas.

There are two main categories of Ballroom Rumba: American and International styles. But, the hip movement is different in the two styles with the American style rumba using the bending of the knees to create what is called a Cuban motion hip movement. Whereas, in International style rumba, the weighted foot steps into a straightened knee and the hip action is referred to as “Latin moton.”

The Ballroom Rumba originated from older dance forms called, “Son,” as was the Mambo and Salsa. Additionally, there are two sub-divisions of rumba in American style. The box rumba and the “bolero,” which is included in American rhythm competitions as one of the five dance genres. Usually, the others dances in American style competition are cha cha, rumba, East Coast swing and mambo.

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