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(Island Touch Professional Salsa Team, Season 4, Youtube)

Island Touch Salsa Performance Team

This professional Salsa team (dancing Salsa on 2) is from the Island Touch Dance Academy located in Tampa, Florida. Choreography by Jorge Burgos “Ataca,” Tanja “la ALemana” and Rudi “El Tiguere del Mambo.” The style they are dancing is called New York style salsa. 

There are many different styles of salsa including L.A. style salsa and Cuban style salsa. Some salsa styles break on count one and others on count 2. The Salsa On 2 is referred to as mambo style since the mambo also breaks on 2.

Island Touch Professional Salsa Team, Season 3, Tampa, Florida

New York Style Salsa (Salsa on 2)

The Salsa New York style is dance on count 2 and is sometimes referred to as “mambo style” which also breaks on count 2. The New York style salsa is danced more in a spot and encourages dancers to more “shine” movements. Shine is when dancers release hands and dance solo for a few measures of music. One of the first New York style salsa dancers and promoter is Eddie Torres, “The Mambo King,” who has taught salsa since 1970. The New York salsa on 2 style has spead nationally across the United States and abroad to countries like Japan, Korea, India, UK, Poland, Canada, Holland and Germany.

L.A. Style Salsa (Salsa On One)

For many years, the West Coast of the United States dances the L.A. style Salsa On One, which breaks on count 1. This style dances more in a a line sometimes referred to as a slot. It uses less flashy arm movements than the Cuban style of Salsa. There is an emphasis on turns in slot and cross body leads. In recent years, the salsa on 2 has been increasing in popularity in Southern California. 

Cuban Style Salsa (Salsa On One or Two)

Salsa Cuban style uses circular movements rather than moving in a slot like the L.A. Style of Salsa. The lead does a back basic on counts 1-2- 3 and forward on 5-6-7, which is different than in other styles of Salsa dancing. 

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