Step Up Revolution film last dance scene

The Step Up film series consists of five films that revolve around dancing and are considered dance/romance-dramas. The first in the series was Step Up, which was released in 2006 followed by Step Up 2: The Streets in 2008, Step Up 3D in 2010, Step Up Revolution in 2012 and the last one in the series, Step Up: All In, which was released in 2014. 

While the stories revolve around dance as a unifying force that brings people from different socio-economic groups together with a common thread and how the characters rise up and defeat the odds through dance is a central theme.  

Step Up (Original Film)

 Step Up, Final Dance Showcase

Step Up was the first film in the series. It was produced by Summit Entertainment and Touchstone Pictures. This first film in the series was directed by Anne Fletcher.  The main actors in this film were Channing Tantum, Jenna Dewan (Tatum), Damaine Radcliff and De’Shawn Washington. The main characters are Tyler George, who is described as a rebel from the wrong side of the tracks and Nora, a privileged ballet dancer who attends an elite School of Arts in Maryland.

 Step Up 2: The Streets, Everything I Can’t Have Salsa

Step Up 2: The Streets was released in 2008 by Summit Entertainment, Offspring Entertainment and Touchstone Pictures directed by Jon M. Chu with actors Briana Evigan (Andie West), Robert Hoffman (Chase Collins), Will Kemp (Blake Collins) and Cassie Ventura (Sophie Donovan). The story revolves around Andie, a street dancer, who ends up at an elite School of Arts trying to fit in. She forms a crew of classmates including one of the best dancers, Chase, to compete in a dance battle.

Step Up 3D was released in 2010 by Summit Entertainment, Touchstone Pictures, directed by Jon M. Chu, writers were Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer.

Step Up dance scene

The main actors were Rick Malambri as Luke, Sharni Vinson as Natalie, Joe Slaughter as Julien and Adam G. Sevani as Moose. The story encompasses a group of NYC street dancers who team up with a freshman at New York University, Moose. They get involved in a high stakes contest against a group considered the best hip hop dancers in the world.

Step Up 3D, Tango dance scene

Step Up Revolution Art Show

Step Up Revolution art show dance scene

Step Up Revolution was the fourth film in the Step Up film series. It was written by Amanda Brody, directed by Scott Speer and released in 2012 with actors Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick. The final dance scene was filmed in front of an amazing cityscape with a cloud filled sky at sunset on a stage next to the water to the song, “To Build A Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra, read more about Step Up Revolution here!

Step Up Revolution, Art Show Dance Scene

Step Up Revolution, Final Dance Scene

Step Up: All In was released in 2014 by Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment, LLC with all the stars from the Step Up film series coming together in Las Vegas to take on a challenge that could make or break their careers. The director of Step Up All In was Trish Sie, writer was John Swetnam and the main actors were Ryan Guzman as Sean, Briana Evigan as Andie, Stephen Boss as Jason and Misha Gabriel as Eddy.

Step Up: All In, Sean and Andie Dance Scene


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