Step Up Film Series Restaurant Scene II

(Photo from Step Up Revolution Restaurant Scene on YouTube)

The Step Up Film Series were a series of five films in the dance/romance-drama genre released between 2006 and 2014. The films featured various facets of dance including a dance arts school, street dancers, dance performances, solo and group dances, dance competitions, in many different genres of dance including: couples freestyle, hip hop groups, jazz, a salsa and a tango performance. 


In this video blog, we include more of the group dance performances including the Step UP 2: The Streets Final dance scene, Step Up Revolution’s restaurant dance scene and two from Step Up: All In.

Click here to watch “Step Up Film Series – Dance Scenes I.” 

Step Up 2: The Streets

Step Up 2: The Streets – “Full Final Dance Scene”

Step Up Revolution

Step Up Revolution – The Restaurant Dance Scene

Step Up: All In


Step Up: All In – “High Voltage” dance scene

Step Up: All In – Opening of the Vortex dance scene

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