In this article, we feature an array of top online swing dance lessons selected from across the web. In addition, our goal is to include every type of swing dance genre. Also, we include different levels of instruction and a variety of swing dance teachers.

Swing Dance Lessons

The term, swing dance, serves as a broad inclusive term for many different types of dance. Moreover, swing dancing is part of a culture of dance that has spread around the world. Furthermore, as it traveled it evolved into different forms by region and/or country.

Also, labels for the dances changed over time. For instance, in recent years many refer to single rhythm East Coast swing as jitterbug. In the twenties and thirties, this term meant something different.

Boogie Woogie Dance Lessons (aka Rock n’ Roll)

Boogie Woogie 6  count basic moves

by Markus & Jessica

Boogie Woogie Basic Turns

Sondre and Tanya

Country Swing

In addition, country western circles developed a fast four count swing, sometimes called country swing or rodeo swing.

Country Swing For Beginners

Hunter @ Show Her Off 2015

East Coast (triple rhythm) swing dance lessons

Basic Swing Dance Steps

Kristina Reese & Aaron Mitchum (Howcast)

Triple Swing (Alternating Turns, She – He)

Robert Royston & Nicola Royston (Howcast)

East Coast Swing Bow Tie (Pretzel)

Robert & Nicola Royston (Howcast)

Jitterbug Swing Dance Lessons

(East Coast Swing single rhythm)

The term, jitterbug (dance), originated in the early part of the twentieth century. Also, it referred to dancers that seemed to have the jitters. In addition, it was used to refer to a style of dancing with a frenetic energy. Eventually, in recent decades it is often used to refer to single rhythm East Coast swing.

Jitterbug Dance Lesson – Intricate Hand Motions

John Hill, dance instructor

Jitterbug  Beginner Dance Lesson

Motion Lifestyle

Jive Dancing Lessons

In Europe, swing dancing developed into jive, a ballroom form of swing, and boogie woogie. Additionally, in recent decades a new form of jive developed called modern jive or ceroc.

Jive Basic Step

Kristina Reese & Aaron Mitchum (Howcast)

Jive Whip Step

Kristina Reese & Aaron Mitchum (Howcast)

International Jive Intermediate Patterns

Andrew Cuerden & Viktoriya Wilton

Lindy Hop Dance Lessons

In the United States the original swing dance was the Lindy Hop. Eventually, it  evolved into other forms of swing like East Coast swing, shag and West Coast swing.

Lindy Hop Dance Lessons Level 1

Frankie Manning & Erin Stevens

Lindy Kick Variations

John Hill, dance instructor

Modern Jive (ceroc)

Modern Jive for Beginners

Modern Jive – Intermediate Moves

Keith & Alison Poynton

Smooth Modern Jive – Beginners Routines

Andy & Sue McGregor

Shag Dance Lessons

Carolina Shag Swing Dance Lessons – Basic Step

Dance instructors, Alonzo Boschulte and JaeLynn Fulks

Carolina Shag Turn Variations

Charlie Womble & Jackie McGee

Collegiate Shag (Swing) Beginners Basics

Johnny “Blue Jeans” Lee

West Coast Swing dance lessons

In the nineteen sixties, older styles of swing developed into the Western swing. However, later the name changed to West Coast swing.

West Coast swing beginners basic steps

Brian & Megan @ West Coast Swing Online

Intermediate to Advanced Patterns

Brian & Emily @ West Coast Swing Online