In this article, video blog, we feature video clips of dancing by a variety of swing dancers in different settings. For instance, swing dancing in classic films and at competitions and conventions. In addition, the clips are from the last fifty plus years of swing dancing. Also, we include different styles of swing dancing like Lindy hop, jitterbug and West Coast swing.

Jitterbug Swing Dancers

The term jitterbug means something different currently than it did in the past. Originally, Cab Calloway used the term in a song, however, later it referred to wild dancing. In addition, historians believe it derived from the word “jitters,” a phenomena experienced by alcoholics. Later, it was used for a type of frenetic dancing. In the past few decades, it has commonly been used to refer to the East Coast swing single rhythm style of swing dancing.  A single rhythm unit refers to one weight change for two beats of music.

Dancing with the Stars

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough Jitterbug

Jitterbug Dancing in Movies 

Jitterbug Dancing with Jerry Lewis  (actor)

I Love Lucy Television Show

Jitterbug Scene

Johnny Carson Show (Television)

Debbie Reynolds  and  Johnny Carson Jitterbug

STS Jitterbug Contest 

Finals 2016

Lindy Hop Swing Dancers

Sofia Swing Dance Festival 2017 – Swing Dancers

Adv. J&J Competition (Fast)

Rock That Swing 2017 – Swing Dancers

Agnieszka & Grzegorz (Deutsches Theatre)

The Lindy Hop is the first swing dance which evolved in the early 20th century in Harlem at the Savoy Club. Additionally, it was popular in the late nineteen twenties and thirties, however, other swing dances evolved with the start of big band music including the East Coast swing. Later, in the late nineteen nineties and early two thousands the Lindy Hop had a resurgence during the neo-swing period. During this time there were a number of new swing bands and music along new swing dancers. Also, Southern California swing dancers brought one of the original Lindy Hoppers, Frankie Manning, out of retirement. Lastly, the swing music and dance revival lasted a couple of decades into the 2010’s and continues to attract swing dance enthusiasts today.


West Coast Swing Dancers

Desert City Swing JJ Finals 2016

Benji Schwimmer & Nicole Clonch

West Coast swing developed in the 1960’s evolving from the older form of swing, the Lindy Hop. For movies and stages, the West Coast swing is a better swing dance since it is more upright, smoother and danced in a slot. Also, a unique feature of West Coast swing is how it continues to evolve along with contemporary music.