In this video blog, we feature zouk, kizomba, West Coast swing videos of dance performance of champion dancers performing these three sensual dance genres. As different dance styles circle the globe they pick up characteristics from other dance genres. These three dances have all influenced each other. There are lots of dancers using a fusion of zouk, kizomba & West Coast swing in their dancing.

zouk kizomba  west coast swing dance videos of top dancers

(Photo from Zouk Lambada YouTube video)

Zouk, kizomba & West Coast swing performances!

Zouk dance performance

Brazilian Zouk is a popular Brazilian dance that originated in the 1990’s as Zouk-Love evolving after the Lambada with patterns taken from sambabolero, salsa and other dance genres. Zouk has influenced other popular dance genres like West Coast Swing and Kizomba (see videos below).

Australian Dance Festival 2009 Kadu & Larissa of Rio Rhythmics Zouk

Show Impro Lambazouk – Solatino de Lyon 2008
CHER – Dov’e L’ Amore avec Sébastien Massaro

West Coast Swing Performance

West Coast Swing dancing has spread across the globe to many countries including Brazil, France, UK, Russia, Australia, Italy, Germany and many other countries, watch the West Coast Swing Flash Mob 2014 here with dancers in 23 countries, 78 cities and 3000+ dancers worldwide.

Here’s two different videos of West Coast swing. The first is a performance with Maxence Martin from Paris, France with partner, Virginie Grondin from Lyon, France. The other one is a showcase division at the U.S. Open Swing Championships with Americans from the West Coast, Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith. The flavors of two dance performances are distinctive and different in unique ways.

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Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin – 2014 US Open Classic Division

The West Coast swing incorporates more freedom of expression for the dancer than any other partner dance genre. There are West Coast swing dancers, dance clubs, festivals and competitions in countries all over the world. Watch 25 dancers to watch in 2015 here!

Because West Coast swing is a global dance, it is diverse and has many different styles. Music for West Coast swing varies from blues, R&B, soul, beach music, pop, rock, jazz, honky tonk and even slow romantic ballads.

Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith – US Open Swing Dance Championships 2013

Kizomba Performances

Kizomba is skyrocketing in popularity around the world, especially in the United States. The Kizomba is a sensual dance that uses a close embrace like the Argentine tango, hip and head movements like the Zouk and Latin dance hip movements like salsa and walking steps like the merengue.

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Morenasso & Anaïs Millon Show – Kizomba Festival Stuttgart 2013

Some say it is African tango because of the movements that resemble the Argentine tango. Over the years it evolved from its father dance, the semba. The kizomba has Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms. The lower body is fluid with hips moving in circles and forward and back while the upper body is often in a close embrace.

Kizomba by Sara Lopez & Albir Rojas at the Latvian Bachata Kizomba Festival 2012

The kizomba has also become a global dance traveling around the world. One can now find kizomba Congresses in many different countries including the United States, Ireland, Belgium, United Kingdoms, Portugal, France, Spain and others. Read more about the kizomba at: Kizomba Dance Article.

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