The 1940’s was the decade where many of our favorite dances originated or at least were danced by Americans of all ages. The swing was king with Lindy Hop, East Coast swing and jitterbug but the foxtrot was still popular too. Americans were crazy for the Latin American dances that appeared in the U.S. like the samba, and tango plus the North American mambo, precursor for America’s current favorite dance genre, salsa dancing! Join us in celebrating the 1940’s at our Casablanca Dance Party on Saturday, September 1st, 8-11 PM with host/deejay, Dan Gibbons featuring music from the 1940’s including foxtrots, swings, mambos and tangos  plus requests for all of your favorites plus a 1940’s vintage attire contest with fun prizes.

Join us at 8 PM for an East Coast swing warm up lesson with Dan Gibbons followed by open dancing until 11 PM.

Admission $8, $4 Fulltime students w/ID.