Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center presents HUSTLE DANCE JAM 2014 with a new format featuring both contemporary and retro Hustle dance music with Southern California’s best dance dejays including “Ron J” Jones & Ron Cantwell, as the dueling Rons Deejays 2014 kick off dance party. The Dancetime Center is co-host along with the “King of Hustle” in San Diego, Arman de Guzman plus San Diego’s thriving Hustle dance community. Also, the NEW Hustle Dance Jam will feature New York Hustle dance instructor, John Chaparro, who will teach a New York Hustle lesson. 

What is the Hustle Dance? For those of you that are new to Hustle dancing read about it here —-> click here!

Arman de Guzman is a Hustle dance promoter, dancer and enthusiast. Pattie Wells and Arman first met in the late seventies Hustle dancing in San Diego’s Disco/Hustle dance clubs. Arman continues to give him time and energy to bring great Hustle dance venues to SoCal providing the best hustle dance music, deejays and dancers.  

Ron J (Jones) has been deejaying in Southern California for the last four decades including the Harbor House Restaurant in the late seventies and eighties. Starting in 1968, Ron is a popular full-time professional announcer, special events entertainment consultant and performance artist. He has starred on radio, hosted television shows, produced and performed in films and headlined in theatres and dance clubs all over San Diego. He holds many entertainment and wedding industry awards including “Best D.J. San Diego,” “Southern California Disco DJ Association” awards. Dubbed the Voice of La Jolla by the La Jolla Light News,he served as president of the San Diego Disco DJ Association for fifteen years and is recognized as “premier” by his peers. Ron is one of the most experienced special event deejays entertainers in San Diego County. An estimated career aggregate of over one million people have danced to his unique blend of “all ages” music.

John Chaparro (JD)
teaches a New York Hustle dance class every Tuesday at 7 PM at the Dancetime Center. The New York Hustle class is a mixed level course focusing on both movements, patterns and technique. JD brings his extensive skill, training and experience to San Diego from his previous home in Lubbock, Texas! He was trained to dance and teach by some of the best national dance pros in both NY Hustle and Salsa. 

San Diego has been a hub of Hustle dancing in the U.S. starting with its early traditions in the Disco dance years when Hustle dancing spread across San Diego county. In the late 1970’s, hustle dancers could choose between about 10 different Disco/Hustle venues to dance with their hustle dancing friends. It is a great homage to this fabulous dance genre that we are still dancing in the 21st century in America’s finest city, San Diego! 

David Nguyen (Dancin’ David) has had a tremendous impact on the San Diego Hustle dance community for the last ten years! Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center is proud, honored and grateful to David Nguyen for hosting, teaching and promoting Hustle dance in San Diego county for the last decade, contributing to a thriving community and spreading the Hustle throughout San Diego county and beyond! David still loves to dance and finds time to dance at Dancetime and around San Diego county even after starting a wonderful new position as an algorithm engineer in the computer field with a local company. 

Hustle Dance Videos

 Hustle Dance Jam (Ron Cantwell, Archie Dawson and others circa 2011)


 Hustle routine choreographed by David Nguyen at Balboa Park


Hustle Dance Jam with David, Ali & Archie Dawson)


Hustle Dance Jam (David Nguyen and Ali Rykowski Hustle dancing)

Thanks to all that have supported San Diego’s Hustle dance community for the last four decades of fantastic dancing, music and venues! The Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center is dedicated to keeping Hustle alive and well into the 21st century!