News from the desk of Pattie Wells

Thanks to everyone that has been part of the Pattie Wells’ Dancetime Center and all the classes, private lessons, dance parties, showcases and events we held in the last 16 years since I opened on January 5, 1998!

I will close the DanceTime Center in the next few months.

I am working to keep all the teachers, dance classes and parties going with Dancetime’s fabulous teachers and dance students, but I will reduce my participation to teaching only private dance lessons in the future. I will make a more formal announcement once my plans are finalized!

Also, I will be expanding DANCETIME.COM and the Dance Talk Blog to a global dance website with articles and videos for all dances of the world! And, I will be continuing the work I started on my upcoming novel, poetry manuscript, short stories, Italian poetry translations and blogs on a new website at PATTIEWELLS.COM (in the future).


I stepped away from my plans for a new career, as a writer, a few years ago when both of my parents became ill. I have spent the last few years taking care of them until their deaths summer 2013.

Dancing and all the precious dancing memories has been a source of constant joy since the first day that my mother dragged me into a dance studio and I was offered a job in November 1977! I treasure the people and experiences I have had pursuing this beautiful life of dance.

Meanwhile, I thank all of you for the constant love and support of my dance studios parties, classes, staff, activities and events. 

I look forward to dancing more after things slow down a little and I have time to take a long, deep breath.

All my best,
Pattie Wells