West Coast Swing Thursdays Postponed

Thanks to all the San Diego WCS dancers that supported our West Coast Swing Thursdays and made it a great place for so many dancers! The teachers and staff at the Dancetime Center thoroughly enjoyed hosting and attending it. We were happy to be able to provide a WCS venue for those dancers that are not allowed in places that serve alcohol (under21 years of age) and for those of us that don’t prefer dancing in nightclubs. Our last WCS Thursday dance party was January 24, 2013.

Recently, a new West Coast swing venue was started by a local WCS dance group at a nightclub on Thursday nights. We believe that the San Diego WCS dance community is not large enough to support two venues on the same night, so we decided to postpone our WCS venue for now.

We are grateful to David Nguyen, Brandon Detty, Ron Tong and everyone who worked hard to provide a venue that was designed for all ages and all levels of West Coast swing dancers in a friendly, compassionate environment.

Again thanks to all the San Diego dancers who attended our WCS Thursdays. It is possible that we may resume a week-night WCS venue in the future. We would be interested in your feedback on our decision.