Salsa lessons San Diego is a directory guide for salsa dance lessons in San Diego. Interested in salsa lessons San Diego? It is important to search for the right professional salsa instructor. There are a few professional salsa dance teachers with both salsa dancing and teaching experience.

Salsa Lessons San Diego

For the best results in finding salsa lessons in San Diego, it is essential to select a professional dance teacher who knows how to break down the elements of the salsa dance. These include the footwork, hip action, movement, lead/follow techniques and a variety of patterns plus someone who has the knowledge to teach the fundamental techniques required to become an accomplished salsa dancer. Here are the major dance studios, organizations and salsa dance instructors in San Diego.

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Salsa Lessons San Diego Studios

  • A Time To Dance Studio
  • Starlight Dance Studio (Majesty In Motion)
  • Queen Bees (Positive Energy)
  • Dance For 2 Studio (Pattie Wells)
  • Synergy Dance Zone (Peter Edwards)

Salsa Lessons Dan Diego, Instructors

Questions About Salsa Dance Lessons San Diego?

1. Are the lessons located in a commercial storefront business?

Beware of taking lessons in someone’s converted garage in residential  area. This suggests the teacher is looking to save money rather than providing a comfortable learning environment for the dance student.

2. Where did the teacher learn to dance salsa?

Were they professionally taught or did they pick it up in a Latin Club or from some friends. Feel free to ask where they learned to dance and how long they have been dancing salsa. Generally, when teachers learn in professional environments their lead/follow skills are better than the teachers that learned in Latin nightclubs.

3. Where were they trained to teach?

This is a very important question to ask. Many teachers just start teaching because they are decent dancers and do not have the knowledge required to teach someone else. There is much to learn about teaching someone to dance. It is important to know and be able to dance both parts. For instance, if a teacher is teaching the lead part, shouldn’t they be able to lead? The same thing is true for the follow part. Also, they should know about rhythms, timing and body movement.

4. Read this before starting dance lessons in San Diego!

5. Should I take group dance classes or private salsa dance lessons?

The best method for quickly learning to dance the salsa is a three part program. Start with private lessons to learn the footwork and to gain some skills on connection including lead/follow techniques. Also, the dance student learns about hip and foot action, which is crucial for salsa dancing. The teacher will also introduce the salsa music timing and how to start on the one or two count depending on the music. A private lesson focuses on your particular needs for dancing rather than on a group. This personalized dance instruction is very important particularly in the initial stages of learning and then later to add patterns and styling.

The private salsa dance lessons should be supplemented with group dance classes to practice what the student learned in private dance lessons. A class is perfect for this since everyone in the group is in some stage of learning as well. The teacher will offer assistance with timing by counting for you and leading some practice drills for footwork variations. Also, the instructor will introduce some patterns and help with the lead/follow, play salsa music for practice and help with resources like where to go salsa dancing, etc.

Lastly, it is important to go out salsa dancing in one of the local Latin clubs to actually dance salsa. Your private lesson and group class instructors can guide you to find the most comfortable venues to attend as a newcomer to salsa dancing.

Salsa Clubs In San Diego

There are salsa lessons San Diego venues almost every night of the week. Salsa dance venues include the Dance For 2 Studio, Queen Bee’s, Cafe Sevilla and Tio Leos. Generally, it is better to learn to dance the salsa in a professional teaching establishment like a dance studio with a combination of and then practice in a Latin club or Latin dance party.

Complete list of Salsa Dance Clubs in San Diego!

Salsa Performance Teams San Diego

  • Majesty In Motion
  • Positive Energy
  • Alma Latina Dance Company

Salsa Music Playlists

Salsa dance music has its it own unique sound and rhythm that should not be confused with bachata, merengue or cha cha. Learning the different Latin dance rhythms is is important as part of your salsa dance lessons. Listen to some of the different types of Latin dance songs here:

The Salsa dance genre is currently the most popular partner Latin dance genre in the United States. Consequently, it has spread to many countries across the globe. Salsa dancing has a huge following in San Diego, California. Salsa has its roots in earlier popular dances like the mambo and cha cha. It originated in the 1970’s and continues to be danced in Latin dance clubs along with the bachata and merengue. The history of salsa stems from a shift in Latin music from a staccato to a smoother style of music, read more about the Salsa dance here.

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