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(Lindyfest 2014 Invitational Strictly Lindy Hop)

Swing Dance Lessons San Diego

Swing Dance Lessons San Diego is a directory of swing dance lessons San Diego plus swing venues and events. Below we list all the swing dance lessons and venues at local dance studios, nightclubs, dance clubs, libraries, Elks Lodges, swing meetups and outdoor swing events. It is important to first determine which style of swing dance lessons you are interested in? Locally, dancers fill swing dance lessons San Diego classes and swing dance venues every night of the week.

Swing Dance Lessons San Diego Styles

There are many different styles of swing including: jitterbug, Carolina & St. Louis shag, jive, boogie woogie, modern jive, Lindy hop, East Coast swing & West Coast swing, Balboa and Lindy Charleston. Most of the swing dance styles have evolved and spread all over the world, check out these swing dance videos! Check out all the social dance styles here.

(Read Jitterbug, Lindy Hop, East & West Coast Swing differences)

Lindy Hop – Swing dance lessons

  • Lindy Hop is the original swing dance that originated in the 1930’s in Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom. It rapidly gained popularity and spread across the United States evolving into numerous regional swing dance genres, many of which still exist today.

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 Charleston – swing dance lessons

  • Charleston is named after the Charleston, South Carolina. This dance genre originated sometime in the early 1920’s. The roaring twenties flappers danced a solo form of the Charleston.  Eventually, partner started dancing the Charleston together in the 1930’s & 40’s. Charleston movements have been incorporated into Lindy Hop and are sometimes referred to as Charleston Lindy rather than the original solo Charleston.

Balboa – swing dance lessons

  • Balboa originated on the Balboa Penisula, New Port Beach in Southern California in the 1920’s & 30’s along with Collegiate Shag and Lindy hop and was danced to some of the same music.
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East Coast swing dance lessons

  • East Coast Swing (Triple Step) evolved in the 1930’s from the Lindy Hop and was popularized by Dean Collins in the 1940’s through a series of Hollywood films that featured swing dancing.While the East Coast swing started in on the East Coast it is no longer a regional swing dance genre having spread across the U.S. and worldwide.
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Jitterbug Swing dance lessons

  • Jitterbug (single rhythm East Coast Swing) is a term used to refer to a fast form of the East Coast swing, sometimes referred to as single rhythm swing for fast music.It evolved to as big band music increased in popularity but also is perfect for many other types of music including rockabilly, pop, rock, soul, neo-swing, doo wop and some country western music as well.
 (Brooke Burke & Derek Hough Jitterbug 2011, YouTube)

Country Western Swing dance lessons

  • Rodeo Swing (4-count) is a four count swing dance danced in the country western dance clubs. It is related to Jitterbug but uses only four beats of music so it is faster. Also, West Coast swing is very popular in the Country Western nightclubs in San Diego and across the United States.

West Coast swing dance lessons

  • West Coast Swing originated in the 1960’s in Southern California from a smooth style of swing dancing that was originally called Western Swing. It is referred to as a “living dance” since it constantly evolved with contemporary music. In the early late two thousands, West Coast swing spread across the world to countries like France, UK, Brazil, Russia and Australia.
Read more about West Coast swing here and watch some West Coast swing videos here.
 (Asia West Coast Swing Open 2014)

Carolina & St. Louis Shag – swing dance lessons

  • Shag  dancing has several different forms including Carolina Shag, St. Louis Shag and Collegiate Shag. It is popular in the South Eastern United States, paricularly the Carlolina’s. Like the other swing dances it evolved regionally from the Lindy Hop and has characteristics of East & West Coast swing.
(Brennar & Autumn@Grand Nationals 2014)

Guide to Swing Dance Lessons San Diego

Most swing dance teachers specialize in different types of swing dance lessons styles. These different styles of swing are: swing era swing (Lindy Hop, Balboa, Bal-swing), East Coast swing (jitterbug or single/triple swing) and West Coast swing. Here are the premier swing dance teachers, swing dance studios and groups in San Diego by the type of swing dance specialty.



(also Balboa, Bal-swing, Charleston)

      • Meeshi @SwingInSanDiego
      • Margie Adams @2ToGroove
      • Joel Plys @2PlySwing


      • Pattie Wells @Pattie Well’s DanceTime
      • Mark Pablo @Dance For 2 Studio
      • Michael Kiehm @Starlight Dance Studio
      • Jade Ruiz @Synergy Dance Zone
      • Mike Anderson @Dancessense Studio
      • Parker Dearborn @Starlight Dance Studio

swing dance lessons San Diego venue

Teachers for Swing Dance Lessons San Diego?

Lindy Hop Dance Lessons

(Balboa, Bal-swing, Lindy Charleston)

      • Margie Adams – 2ToGroove
      • Meeshi Analya – Firehouse Swing
      • Joel Plys – 2Plywing
      • Joe & Elizabeth – UCSD

Jitterbug & East Coast Swing Dance Lessons (triple)

West Coast Swing Dance Lessons

      • Pattie Wells
      • Michael Kiehm
      • Mark Pablo
      • Parker Dearborn
      • Ronnie DeBenedetta
      • Mike Anderson
      • Jade Ruiz

San Diego Swing Dance Groups & Meetups

Swing Diego hosts a huge swing dancing community with groups that enjoy most of the different styles of swing including Lindy Hop (Balboa, Bal-swing, Charleston), Jitterbug, East Coast swing (triple) and West Coast Swing, click here to see all the swing dance venues!

Lindy Hop (Balboa, Bal-Swing, Charleston)

Firehouse Swing Dance (Wednesdays)
3925 Ohio St. San Dieg, CA

2toGroove Dance “Friday Swing Jam” (Fridays)
7528 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111

Swing Dancing San Diego “Hep Spot” (Sundays)
3567 Del Rey St. San Diego, CA 92109

Jitterbug (East Coast Swing)

Jitterbug Club San Diego (1st & 3rd Sundays@Dance For 2 Studio)
7528 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92111

West Coast Swing dancing

Complete West Coast Swing San Diego Info

    • Tuesdays @ Tango del Rey
    • Wednesdays @ Cheers Bar & Grill
    • Saturdays:
      • 1st Innovations @ Starlight Studio
      • 2nd WCS @ Kearny Mesa Moose Lodge
      • 3rd WCS @ Movement Dance
      • 4th Project Swing @ Starlight Studio

Swing Dance Venues in San Diego

Swing Dance Nightly in San Diego – click here!

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Swing Dance Music Playlists

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